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CSU Board of Governors approves domestic partner benefits

October 1, 2008

Available during Nov. benefits open enrollment

By unanimous vote, the Board of Governors of the Colorado State University System Wednesday approved domestic partner benefits for university employees.

Colorado State University Faculty Council forwarded a resolution in the spring reaffirming its support of the extension of domestic partner benefits. University President Larry Edward Penley carried the resolution forward to the board for their consideration.

Priority of Faculty Council for a long time

"This matter has long been a priority of Colorado State's Faculty Council and I thank the board for taking action on it today," Penley said.

All benefits-eligible academic faculty and administrative professional employees will be eligible for domestic partner benefits beginning Jan. 1, 2009. Domestic partner options will be available as part of the university's upcoming benefits open enrollment beginning Nov. 3, 2008. It is estimated that 1 percent - 3 percent of Colorado State employees will add a partner dependent to their medical coverage.

State retains authority to set state classified employee benefits

State classified employees are not eligible under this decision, as the State of Colorado retains authority to set benefits and salary for state classified employees.


According to the approved action item, "all benefits and privileges extended to spouses and dependents of eligible faculty and administrative-professional appointees are extended to bona fide domestic partners, both same and opposite gender, and their dependents, of eligible faculty and administrative-professional appointees."

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